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About Us

Since our founding, Leaps & Bounds Family Services has been a non-profit agency dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults. We provide education programs and services that support families and help children reach their potential and become productive citizens.

It's the vision of Leaps and Bounds Family Services that all children will learn, grow and develop to realize their full potential, and that they enter Kindergarten ready to learn.


Our Impacts

We are proud of our ability to continue providing quality services during the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic. In FY 2020, Leaps & Bounds Family Services:

  • Held 21 parent/child interactive learning groups for a total of 190 parents and their children.

  • Distributed 700 new children’s books and emergency food orders, baby supplies, winter gloves and hats to program family participants.

  • Completed 1,156 home visits for 80 Wayne and Macomb County high-risk children 0-5 years and their parents.

  • Provided 352 training sessions for childcare providers. ​

  • Provided CDA national certification training to 110 child care professionals.

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As individuals who care for children as parents, as childcare providers as agency staff, our hope is that children will continue to learn and thrive through our collective care.

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Leaps & Bounds is thankful for the continued support of our partners and contributors.

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