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October 28, 2019

United Way for Southeastern Michigan and Leaps and Bounds Family Services, a United Way Early Learning Center (ELC), have been awarded the prestigious CDA (Child Development Associate) Gold Standard SM Award from the Council for Professional Recognition. The
Council granted the award in recognition of the two entities’ expertise in providing exceptional CDA training toward preparing students for successful careers in early childhood education.

“By investing in agency partners like Leaps and Bounds to offer CDA training, we’re addressing a critical
need for families by expanding access to qualified providers,” says Jeff Miles, senior director, Center for
Early Childhood Excellence, United Way for Southeastern Michigan. 


October 19, 2019

Women United is a women’s leadership group from United Way for Southeastern Michigan whose members make an annual financial contribution .These women also contribute their time, talents and professional expertise to ensure that childcare providers and parents have the tools necessary to help the children they care for be successful.  With staff from United Way for Southeastern Michigan and Leaps and Bounds, a core group of the women created a “mentoring” initiative for participants in this CDA cohort. Individual volunteers provide support and encouragement to CDA cohort participants through a UWSEM-supported app. Participants will gain from ongoing encouragement, support as the classes complete and as they prepare for the CDA test.

Leaps & Bounds and Partners Celebrates with Recent Recipients of the CDA Credential

September 17, 2019

United Way for Southeastern Michigan, volunteers from Women United and Leaps and Bounds Family Services training staff join recent recipients of the CDA. These childcare providers participated in training, observation and testing to receive the Child Development Associate - a national early childhood credential for childcare providers.


March 8, 2019

Leaps and Bounds Family Services Executive Director, Denise Dorsz (center), was one of eleven Women of Influence invited to present at the event held on International Women's Day, Friday, March 8, 2019. Click the link here to watch the inspiring video!

Wells Fargo Bank and Detroit Regional Workforce Fund provide grants for Child Care Training

March 1, 2019


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