Early Childhood / Parent Programs

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Early Childhood Education is just that. It was designed to help children who would otherwise not get a "jump start" on their education. As parents you should do whatever you can to get your child into a preschool program, even if it's only for a few days a week. Why? Because your child needs to know how to play appropriately and interact appropriately with their peers. Sharing is a big issue for some children, understanding how to interact through play and work is important for everyone. If your child qualifies for a special service such as speech therapy of ECE services, you qualify for preschool through the public schools. Some students qualify according to income.

Through several programs, very young children and their parents experience early literacy and developmental support. Each year Early Childhood professionals provide Home Visits and Parent / Child Interactive Groups. These learning experiences help the children become active learners and help parents become their child's first and most important teachers. If you would like to attend these groups or for additional information, please call (586) 759-3895.  

Leaps and Bounds Family Services gives parents and children time to interact with each other by hosting Parent/Child Interactive Play Groups. Parents bring their children into a fun inviting atmosphere, where parents can learn to build bonds with their children, learn about their child's growth and development, and parents and children participate in fun learning activities. There is music to groove to, arts & crafts for the Picasso's, and story time. These groups are led by Leaps & Bounds Early Childhood Staff.  CLICK HERE  for complete location schedule.    

Early Learning Resource Rooms include a book and material lending library, resources for parents of young children, child development classes and parent/child groups for parents of children age birth to 5 years old. 
These resources, as well as individual consultation are available at the Mt. Calvary, Matrix Center, Kennedy Center, and Boggs Educational Center.  Training staff can provide details.

Please CLICK HERE  for complete location schedule.    


KENNEDY CENTER: 11333 Kaltz, Warren, MI. We have added an Early Learning Parent Resource Room at the new Kennedy Early Childhood Center.  Part of the Van Dyke School District in south Warren, the Childhood Center is located near 10 Mile Road and Hoover. We will provide weekly "Learn through Play" parent/child groups for parents with children from birth to 5 years old. We will also host child development and other classes for parents.
In addition to Leaps and Bounds' Early Learning Parent Resource Room, the Center will house a variety of programs including the Districts Great Start 4-year-old Readiness program,  Parents as Teachers program, and Macomb County Head Start Classrooms.
BOGGS EDUCATIONAL CENTER: 4141 Mitchell, Detroit, MI. We are opening an Early Learning Parent Resource Room at the new Jimmy and Grace Lee Boggs School on Detroit's eastside. The Room will be staffed on Wednesdays and program swill include early child development classes, parent support trainings, a lending library, parent resource materials and "Learn through Play" parent/child groups for parents with children from birth to 5 years old.  


   HOME VISITS          
These visits are designed to meet the social, emotional and early literacy needs of children 3-5 years old, focusing on kindergarten readiness.
For additional resources and information on interacting with your child, Please contact Rebecca Carr at (586) 404-8611 to schedule your FREE play and learn Home Visit